George Fullard. Sculptures, Sheffield.

George Fullard was born in Sheffield, South Yorkshire in 1923. He studied art at the Sheffield College of Art from 1938 to 42.

Mother and Child

Fullard joined the Army during the second world war and he was badly injured at the battle for Cassino. Upon his return to Civilian life Fullard then studied at Royal College of Art, 1945–7 under the sculptors Frank Dobson and Richard Garbe

Angry Woman

I became aware of the work of Fullard during a walk around Sheffield a few years ago and seeing three of his sculptures in the grounds of The Upper Chapel in the city centre. These Works were: Angry Woman, Woman and Child and Running woman. All of which are pictured here.

Running Woman.

Throughout Sheffield there are several of sculptures to see. They all have wonderfully simplistic names.

Just outside the Winter Garden in Sheffield is one more piece of Fullard’s work. This one is called Walking Man.

Fullard died on Christmas day 1973. His work has been displayed throughout the world, not just sculpture but sketches and collages.

His work normally follows war and naval themes and several of his pieces are of boats like the piece below called Night Crossing. This can actually be viewed at the Ferens Art Gallery which is in Hull.

While some of Fullard’s work has sold for thousands of pounds I do love to see that Sheffield displays some of his work as public street art.

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