A Visit to the Military History Museum, Budapest.

I love a good museum and I’m always on the hunt for one that will entertain, educate and inform me.

The Military History museum in Budapest fulfilled all those things.

On a cloudy Saturday morning, following a very wet Friday, I headed over to the Buda side to find the museum.

The subway journey was easy enough and after leaving the station I entered “Budapest Military Museum” into Google maps.

I did think there was a problem on the map as it kept showing that I needed to be at a point that seemed to be surrounded by houses but, after backtracking a bit, I found a very high looking set of stairs.

There probably wasn’t, but I swear there were clouds at the top of them.

Look at it!!

I climbed the stairs in the usual method.

First bit striding confidently and looking nonchalant, kind of like an ultra fit mountain climber that does that sort of thing every day.

Nearing the middle I started to slow down a little but still looked confident.

By the last section of stairs my body had given up and was waving a white flag as my lungs pleaded with me to stop.

I finally staggered breathlessly to the top and there was a cleverly placed bench nearby at least. I’m probably not the first person to need it after climbing up those stairs.

I need to add all this was before I’d even climbed the inside of Buda Tower.

So, here I was, high up on a hill with an amazing view over Buda.

The view from outside the museum is brilliant.

The museum itself is set in part of an old military base and there are some brilliant and well curated displays here.

Starting on the second floor the museum takes you through the development of the Hungarian army from small beginnings to today’s modern Army, Navy and Air Force.

Hungarian army troops of the first world war loading a cannon.
The wax figures are weirdly life-like.
A wonderful display of Soviet era posters. Annoyingly the shop didn’t sell prints of these. The shop wasn’t actually open either.
These uniforms are so smart.
Decommissioned cannons lined up outside the entrance to the museum.
More uniforms.
These ladies are loading gun clips with bullets.
I think the rats ate his dinner.
Is this helmet backwards?….
If you read my post on Memento Park recently you’ll recognise this guy. Here he is waving a scarf again.

Fegyverbe! translates to “Into a Weapon”.

He seems pleased with something.
Guns, guns, guns.
I seriously love this jacket.
Gun from a battleship.
Standard issue handguns for the Hungarian Army.
I really like the detail on the pockets of this jacket.
Feathery hats.
The braiding on this jacket is particularly pleasing.
A cannon with attached ammo carrier.
I really love these little models of battles.
That hat is amazing!
I wonder how white these uniforms stayed in the field.
A beautiful jacket which is, sadly, slightly moth eaten.
As you can tell, I love a braided army jacket.

If stairs are not an issue and you have an interest in Military History then you should stop by The Military History Museum in Buda if you are ever in the area. You will definitely be entertained, educated and informed.

The Museum of Military history is a great museum with some brilliant and fascinating stuff on display.

Best of all the museum is totally free to enter.

If you want to visit, the museum is a short walk from the station at széll kálmán tér on the M2 line.


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